Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week of kicking!

Well my swimming lessons are progressing really smoothly except the three times  when I cramped my leg. But hey, I am making extremely good progress, thanks to Master Kim. I am done with sliding and now I have started kicking. I really like the logical way Kim teaches us. Yet for most of my group I suspect that a language barrier has occurred as Kim does not understand Sinhala and our people find it hard to grasp Kim's accent. really glad that I can understand what he says. Hopefully will pay a visit to the deep end of the pool soon

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swimming here I come

Well, I guess it is pathetic that after being born and living in a coastal area for more than 13 years I  am still unable to swim. But that is the bitter truth. I did start to learn swimming back when I was in Matara, but the training stopped right when I was learning how to take a breath while swimming as my pool was destroyed by Tsunami. I guess I was  lucky that December 26th was not one of my training days. Anyhow even my University has a big pool I am still stuck where I left.I can only swim the distance one breath can take me. The moment I come up for the second breath I sink like a sack of potatoes. I have had so many unofficial trainers including my friends and my boyfriend. Yet too much instructions always leaves me nowhere but in confusion.But not being able to swim does not discourage me jumping in to the pool. The water is so inviting and enticing to me that I can not resists its lures although for almost six years now I am restricted to hanging in the shallow end of the pool, dreaming of a day when I can join the deep end.
       So I heard that a Korean Master has started  a swimming course at our university and plunged in hoping at least I would get it right this time. Kim is thirty ( which he doesn't look like, but I am not good at guessing ages anytime), someone said he is from South Korea  and I really don't know why he is doing this. yet the class was really fun. We learned that in order to swim with speed we must reduce the resistance of water on our body. In order to  do that we learned floating in various positions. It was super fun. We also did a bit of sliding through water.I am a bit worried that I won't be able to go beyond the breathing part, But I am going to practice hard.although the water was freezing and it was raining as well I really enjoyed that session.But It left me dead tired that I slept like a log and even got late for work this morning.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Journey in Learning

So just like I mentioned I am going to learn all I can about the Dalada maligawa. This is the official  site of the Maligawa

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

Yesterday I went to the Temple of the ASacredTooth relic of lord Buddha or as we Sri Lankans best know, "Dalada Maligawa". The world famous annual Esala Perehera of the Maligawa was held during the last few days and by yesterday things were slowly returning back to normal in Kandy. Still there was a considerable amount of people at the temple , most of them foreigners. Although I went to worship, I also got the opportunity to meet two new friends, Annemarie from Ireland(Which is one of my favourite countries besides Sri Lanka )and Geoffrey from France.Since I had some time to kill I took them on a tour around the temple. But I am afraid I was not able to tell them everything about the temple as time factor was against us and also my knowledge about the place was limited. I do hope I was able to provide them at least some idea about on the most important place in Sri Lanka.
                                  I also discovered that there are so many things that I do not know about the Temple of Tooth Relic despite residing here in Kandy for more than six years.I was determined to find out more before I leave Kandy to become a pre- intern doctor.
                                     Those who haven't been here before should know that you would not be allowed inside the temple unless you are attire is appropriate. No shorts or short skirts or gowns are allowed. The same goes for sleeveless  dresses.So you need a shawl to cover the sleeveless dress and a long clothe to wear  over your short clothing.There are various shops on the side of the temple selling flowers . Yet I prefer  buying flowers from inside the temple as I find that place more reliable. These places also sell incense sticks and also I found that they have produced a packet of two clay lamps, and oil which is easy to use .Outside the premises of the Temple we can leave the bags and once we are inside there are separate places for slippers. Although there are signs saying that we do not have to pay those who are looking after the bags and shoes, most of them expect us to give them something, some even become menacing to avoid which I always keep five to ten rupees at hand.Although the natives can go in freely foreigners have to buy a ticket of Rs. 1000 each . They are also provided with a DVD about the temple according to my knowledge.I do like coming to the temple during Poojawa times which is the time when the Door to the sacred room where the Tooth Relic is present is opened.Yet if I want to worship quietly and meditate I avoid those times since the crowd is enormous at those times . Another  option is to join the queue for poojawa and then worship in the new building. I also enjoy  the museum of Raja the elephant who carried the Tooth relic in the Perahera for many years. It has been taxidermised following its death.May be I would buy a camera so that I can capture all this beauty to share with those who haven't seen them

Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Well, I guess there was a time when Sri Lanka was hidden from the outside world and if one of us said we were Sri Lankans we received looks as if we were aliens( This was a long time back, I assure you). Nowadays we are a famous country due to so many reasons. Some know us due to the war between the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE group of terrorists which was indeed terrorising the whole nation. Luckily and thanks to the brave warriors of our army it is just a nightmare for all of us eager to be forgotten. My opinion on that matter is that although the terror and sadness it brought among my people is best forgotten in order to build back a prosperous Sri Lanka we should never forget the incidents which led to such a grievous past in order to avoid such disastrous events reemerging in future.
                Anyway turning towards good stuff, we are famous for another set of mighty warriors in blue and yellow, "the Sri Lankan Cricket team" which is also famous for bringing about wonders. We are famous  for the rich cultural heritages that we have inherited from our ancestors. Although tiny in size to be called the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", we are indeed mighty giants when our proud historical background is taken in to consideration.Add to that the breath taking natural beauty  which is so diverse that within twenty four hours you can experience so many different ecological systems unlike anywhere else.The magnificent mountain ranges in  the hill country, the fun filled crystal clear beaches in the southern and north eastern  areas, the picturesque  rainy forests will all baffle you giving you a once in a lifetime experience. But most of all wherever you go,you will be amazed by the hospitality of our people. That is the hall mark of Sri Lankans and it makes me proud to say,I am one of them. I am Sri Lankan!